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"Amazing attention to detail and a super great person to work with. Treats your event as though there her own. Highly recommend!!"
Della did a fabulous job with my bridal shower. She took theme farther than I imagined and I am so happy with the way everything came out! I would definitely recommend her to everyone I know!"
"Great person to work with. Brought my idea to life. Would highly recommend her no doubt."

I have had the privilege of Della Details decorating two events for me over the last year. My mother's surprise 50th and my beautiful lemon themed bridal shower. I have dreamed about an Italian Capri inspired lemon bridal shower theme for as long as I can remember and she made it a reality! I told her what I wanted and she made it even better. Each time more creative and finding ways to personalize as much as possible to make it that much more memorable. Della is responsive, reliable, hard working, professional, and talented at many things. My lemon theme decor was breathtaking and I'm still swooning over all the details she helped me remember to include, and so many other beautiful ideas! I fully trust her with any event of mine, small or large, and I highly recommend Della Details, LLC anytime I can.



Della decorated for my bridal shower. She took the vision of what I wanted and elevated it into a reality. The venue that I used for my shower is a space that I had attended several events in throughout my life and I wanted the space to be transformed for my event. Della did just that. She is so tuned into the all of the details and is just amazing at what she does and it shows through her work. I was able to keep my peace of mind knowing that one major aspect of my shower was taken care of by Della and would absolutely recommend her to anyone! Thank you Della!


Della Details has planned several of my events and she NEVER disappoints! From the smallest of details to the entire vibe that I'm seeking, Della goes over and beyond to make sure that every detail is covered. The biggest investment is peace of mind... you know when you arrive, it will be perfection! Thank you for your commitment to always seeing my vision and going the extra mile.


Della details decorated my son's baptism and first birthday and not a single detail was missed. As a full time working mom of two I have zero time to think about all the details of throwing a party. That's where Della made it easy! She's incredibly creative and her ideas and sketches are far beyond anyone else I know. There's a huge sense of relief knowing she's handling the aspects of my party that I would have never thought of. She's a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help decorating for a party of any kind.


If you are looking for custom themed decor for your event - whether a birthday party, a shower, wedding, anniversary - whatever you're celebrating, small or large, Della will work countless hours on your vision and bring it to life! She is on the ball through the whole process up until the very end of your event! It's priceless knowing your celebration will be taken care of down to the very last, minuscule detail - and nothing compares to having that piece of mind that it will all be done for you - no scrambling around or stress on you leading up to your event as she does it all for you! Can't highly recommend her enough!

I'm still obsessed with my son's baptism decor!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Della was absolutely wonderful to work with! She truly is amazing at what she does. The details for my son's christening were beyond perfect! Della was quick to respond to any of my emails/texts, and she had great ideas and feedback to my suggestions. On the day of the baptism every detail we had discussed was flawlessly executed. Della is passionate, knowledgeable and super sweet to work with. I would highly recommended her! Thank you Della!

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