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About Della

My first love and passion was fashion. It was always a dream of mine to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, live in NYC and work in the fashion Industry. I’m so proud that I was able to live those dreams for 7+ years. During that time I was also able to live two more dreams - plan my fairy tale wedding and marry the love of my life. We have been happily married for nine years.   

In 2016 God blessed us with our daughter and again in 2019 with our son. Having realized yet another dream of starting a family, my life completely changed. After having my daughter and returning back to work I found that my career dreams shifted. While I still had a deep appreciation for the fashion world, I so wanted to be fully present in my daughter's life and soak in the fleeting precious moments. Making the decision to stay home was quite bittersweet. In the midst of my new adventure of motherhood keeping my creative outlet was quite important to me. Making things pretty has always been my thing. As a highly detail oriented person one can understand my fascination with even the smallest details. 

"Let my family help yours -we have been there personally and professionally." -Della

The Small Details

Selma + Cesar 133.jpg

From planning my wedding, to my children's milestone events and birthdays parties I fell in LOVE with event styling. I had always loved a good party, but this was the birth of a new passion. After styling several family and friend’s events, I received strong encouragement to get into business. Never having the time to even consider starting a business for years my decorating remained a hobby. In February 2018 with the grace of God, partnership of my loving husband and family support Della Details became a reality! Della Details is where all of my worlds collide. I can take my previous experience in fashion merchandising, apply it to my passion for unforgettable event displays and with a mother's love, care for my client's story and memories as if they were my own. It’s both humbling and a privilege to take part in my clients' important milestones and help make beautiful memories for them to look back on! Life’s moments are precious and should be celebrated in style!

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